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  2. Mikael

    At this page “” it says
    The final Doors release will be available the 29th of March 2016.
    But I can´t find it? We are in april 2016 now.

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  6. amer

    how to remove memory booster from pc ? thankyou rizonesoft

  7. John

    Memory Booster is awesome! Thank you very much!

      1. sam

        great! looking forward to it.. loved it since v

  8. Stuart

    I just tried the update for Firemin, (The 3.9.7), and found a significant dicrease in performance. I therefore set the default memory clean if the memory goes over 10MB, just as in the previous 3.90. I found no improvement. I then went back to the previous 3.9.0 and got the speed back again. Maybe which version and settings work best with who depends on what machine and specifications per user, I don’t know. So right now, I am back with the 3.90.


    1. rizonesoft Post author

      Not sure why you would experience the decrease in performance. I will keep on testing it on my side. Please keep on reporting any other issues you experience.

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