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By | September 25, 2015
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Many programs today use SQLite databases for its data storage needs. The most popular program from these are the Mozilla based programs; like, Firefox and Pale Moon. These programs start working slower after a while because the databases becomes fragmented. Mozbase Optimizer was created to optimize slow SQLite databases and decrease the space these databases occupy.

It uses the SQLite vacuum function for optimization. Although this is a known safe method for optimizing SQLite databases you will need to keep in mind that it cannot be undone and should only be run if you experience database performance issues. In many cases you will not notice a difference in performance between a program running fragmented databases and the same program running optimized databases. However; if you would like to recover a few megabytes, then this could help.


The following is some of the planned features for Mozbase Optimizer. This is like my to-do list and will show you the direction it will move in.

  • Before the stable release, I will include support for Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Firefox Developer Edition, Comodo IceDragon, Chrome, Skype and many I forgot to mention here.
  • It will be integrated into Firemin, Mailmin and X-min. This in turn will form part of the Supermoz Collection (Expect a beta release soon).
  • I would like to improve the running program detection function. At the moment I am not happy with the way it works.


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  1. Paulo Monteiro

    is there a x64 version? When i run the program it tells me iam running a x86 appliction in a x64 operating system.Then says click here to download x64 version, but nothing happens.


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