I'm in the process of redesigning Rizonesoft.com from scratch and creating mainly static pages. These days all my efforts is going into managing comments and emails; I have no time left for developing software and I would like to get back to doing what I love. I got up to 500 emails and 2000 comments per day and managing them was a pain in the backside. I could not update the freeware or provide proper support and as a result my legitimate users got left behind.

What went wrong?

There was a time of insanity and I moved Rizonesoft all over the place. I see now that this made Rizonesoft untrustworthy and I would like to apologise for the inconvenience. For a long time I believed that the WordPress platform is the best solution for us and now I see that I was wrong. With WordPress you have too many extra layers of management to worry about. Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed the user interaction, but managing it became a full time job. To give you an example; I had about 5 brute-force attacts a day and this disabled the site a few times. I will do my best to not make the same mistakes and always improve your Rizonesoft experience. From now on it is all about recovering and looking to the future.

New and planned features

There will be no user interaction on Rizonesoft, except for Facebook comments. This should not be a problem, because most of you are here for the freeware and not free backlinks, right? As previously mentioned I will include Facebook comments on every page; just for in case you absolutely have to leave a message, but this will be done on a trial basis. This way I can rely on the Facebook anti-spam features and no extra management will be necessary. I included a contact form, but you can also use one of our social profiles to reach us.

I included a cool custom Google search feature to make it easy for you to find Rizonesoft freeware and news. I included Download.com and SoftPedia.com to be indexed. This will allow you to also find Rizonesoft freeware that is hosted on these two websites. and no need to get impatient while you wait for me to upload stuff. I am confidant you will find what you are looking for using this search feature.


I have tackled many online projects and have failed at most. Somehow my freeware has survived because of the people using it. Thank you for supporting and believing in Rizonesoft. Without you, Rizonesoft could not have been.


A new Complete Internet Repair version released with improved Windows 8 and 64 Bit support. Download it here